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At various times throughout your interaction with myself at JR Sports Therapy you will be asked a number of personal questions which will be documented for treatment purposes only. 


Below informs you what information JR Sports Therapy requests and why, what information is stored and how it is processed. 


Appointment Booking


Appointments can be booked in various ways:



Telephone booking

SMS booking

Online booking (which requires full payment at the time of booking) which can be done through JR Sports Therapy website, link tree on Instagram or Facebook ‘Connect now’ button.


If you are a new patient to JR Sports Therapy, at the time of booking you will be required to input your email address & contact telephone number.  You will then receive a COVID-19 consent form which is stored in a secure online patient platform (Cliniko).  If you are a new patient requesting Sports Massage treatment, you will also be sent a consultation form which is to be completed prior to your first treatment session & again, is stored in a secure online patient platform (Cliniko).


Both the persons email & contact mobile number is also used as friendly reminder service 24 hours prior to the persons appointment.


The persons email address is also automatically stored in JR Sports Therapy’s Mailchimp secure database.  Patients regularly receive newsletters, updates & have the right too unsubscribe at any point.


All patients - existing or new, can access their bookings at any point to amend or cancel.  They cannot amend any medical or personal information.


It is also essential for the patient to notify JR Sports Therapy if there is any change in circumstance, medical records or personal details so that they can be updated.


All patient medical records are stored on a secure, password, healthcare professional site .  This website does not store any bank details of the patient.


JR Sports Therapy uses a secure & password recognized platform -  to send patient’s rehab programmes, whereby there is also secure & private communication interaction through the site if the patient needs this.  There is a secure link between Cliniko & Physitrack to set up the patients rehab plans & to store on the patients’ medical records. This is also available as an app whereby patients can create a secure password & set up.


JR Sports Therapy is legally required to record any essential clinical and treatment information, that is obtained from you during your initial consultation and subsequent appointments.  This is to enable Jenny @ JR Sports Therapy to make accurate understanding of the presenting problem(s) and to provide an appropriate treatment and management plan.  These records are electronically stored on a secure, password protected platform that only Jenny has access too.


Your medical records, and any correspondence such as referral letters and reports based on their contents, are not shared with or passed onto any 3rd party, with the exception of: other healthcare professionals and only with your consent. 


Statutory minimum storage times for medical records and associated correspondence are 8 years after the date of the last appointment. 


If you wish to discuss any of the points further, the please feel free to get in touch.




Miss Jenny Richmond BSc (Hons)

Clinical Director 

JR Sports Therapy






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